Leigh Esposito


Leigh Esposito is a recovering attorney turned author with a dynamic social media personality who is leaning into her passion for writing and coaching. 

CHALLENGE: As a recovering attorney, Leigh was transitioning her career and wanted to showcase more of her services, new book, and partnership opportunities to her audience. Her previous website lacked personality and did not properly showcase her professionalism, personality in a way that would allow her to uniquely market her services. 

Simple and hastily put-together site that looked like a cookie-cutter template
Poorly laid-out and minimal content received little to no engagement and low site traffic
Duplicate links in the navigation and poor use of space made the site appear amateurish

SOLUTION: To improve Leigh’s website, we provided branding, UX design and web development services to create an online experience that would truly make Leigh stand out in her industry. Leigh’s new branding is attractive and eye-catching and the architecture of the site provides more context to engage users to want to work or partner with Leigh.

The new website saw a significant 1328% increase in site traffic
Users spent almost double the time on Leigh’s new site compared to the old one (96s vs 54s) resulting in a 153% increase in engagement 
With more strategically placed CTAs and interactive modules, the website saw a 1700% increase in clicks throughout the site (rise from 3 to 57)

Paperless Lactation


Paperless Lactation is a service based business that provides training, tools, and resources to help other lactation consultants improve their businesses.

CHALLENGE: The company had a large amount of content but struggled with on-site organization, load time and subpar aesthetics. Furthermore, the company had originally launched its website on Squarespace but had reached a cap to scale after recognizing some of the platforms limitations.

Lack of cohesive branding reduced the credibility and legitimacy of expertise
Misaligned elements and exorbitant content made site hard to navigate for users
Poor site architecture and broken links presented loopholes for lower conversions

SOLUTION: To improve their website, we provided branding, UX design, and web development services along with a site migration from Squarespace to WordPress to improve the website’s appearance, improve its navigability for users and create re-usable templates to improve the business’s sales conversions online.

Improved site architecture and layout of content improved user experience
Strategically developed website improved site speed by 20% (from 3.3 secs to 0.6 secs load time)
New custom-designed sales pages increased course sales by 25% (from $4250 to $5312 monthly)

Lakeya Cherry


Lakeya Cherry is an experienced non-profit and leadership training executive that desired an online hub to showcase her skills and provide consulting services.

CHALLENGE: Lakeya’s online presence was extremely limited originally as she lacked the visual elements and content necessary to truly market herself online and offline.

Insufficient, cookie cutter content reduced the undervalued Lakeya’s personal brand and expertise
Lack of contact form meant little to no leads coming in through website
Poor layout and design reduced credibility and professionalism of the business

SOLUTION: In order to help Lakeya elevate her online presence and attract more opportunities for the speaking, coaching, and consulting gigs she desired, we leveraged our branding, UX design, and web development expertise to transform Lakeya’s website into a powerful lead-generating machine.

Cleaner content layout and clear page architecture gave personal brand a more premium look
New website saw 60% increase in site engagement from launch compared to old site
Strategically placed mailing list opt-ins garnered 60 mailing list subscribers in 2 days post-launch

Kulinary Kings


Kulinary Kings is a catering and private chef company based in the tri-state area that creates unique and delicious intimate dining experiences to upscale clientele.

CHALLENGE: Although Chef Gregory has been in business for nearly a decade, his company’s outdated website structure and content was failing to present him as the charismatic and highly-skilled chef that he was.

Outdated website structure and inflexible frameworks made it difficult to update content
Broken links and forms reduced user’s ease to book a consultation with the chef on a consistent basis, leading to missed appointments and opportunities
Lack of full e-commerce integration made it difficult to legitimately sell cooking products on website
Website was not an equal representation of chef’s skill and reduced credibility for potential clients

SOLUTION: We provided branding (logo refresh), copywriting, UX design and web development services to significantly transform the Kulinary King’s website and boost the chef’s online presence.

Logo refresh and branding development created a more cohesive and premium appearance on site
Integration of scheduling software automated booking consultation process, saving team more time and assisted in increasng conversion of leads to closed sales
Development of e-commerce shop resulted in a 46% monthly sales increase for chef’s spice products

Mint The Salon


Mint Salon is a hair salon business based in Midtown New York City that services a diverse group of clientele with hair styling, coloring and extensions services.

CHALLENGE: The company’s website was built using older frameworks and had not been updated in over a decade, causing customers to call in with confusion about pricing. Because the outdated website was not maintained, several functionalities on the website broke, including the appointment booking feature, causing the salon to waste more time going back and forth on the phone scheduling appointments instead of service clients.

Outdated flash website and lack of optimization made the salon’s website unsearchable online
Broken tools and outdated content created on site stress for salon staff with appointment booking
Poor website design undermined salon’s premium on-site feel and attracted wrong type of clientele

SOLUTION: For this project, the client partnered with a brand strategist and we provided web design and development services to help modernize the brand’s website and integrate features that would automate portions of the salon’s business.

Pricing table filter menu improved ease of customer’s understanding salon pricing prior to booking
Upgraded site design and content layout assisted salon in attracting higher-tier clientele
Salon experienced 70% reduction in phone call bookings after scheduling feature integration

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