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Here’s How to Elevate Your Online Presence, Attract Higher Paying Clients, and Become the Go to Consultant In Your Niche

(Without having to figure everything out yourself or be a carbon copy of your peers)

Do you want to be known as the go to consultant in your industry and easily land highpaying clients?

(Limited Spaces Remaining)


Does this sound like you right now?

If this sounds like you right now, I can help…

Maybe you’ve tried…

If this sounds like where you are right now in your consulting business and you want to elevate your brand presence, awareness and visibility this year..

Here from my Happy clients...

“Before I found Liane I was struggling to get qualified leads on my website due to issues that were created by a previous web developer. Liane quickly troubleshooted and resolved my issue from a UX perspective, which helped us get more appointment inquiries on our site.”
“I saw the impact of Liane’s work immediately. Right after my website launched 2 people contacted me based on the AFP website, and one of them scheduled an intro meeting straight away. I’m thrilled!”
“Within the week that I launched the website publicly, I managed to get over 60 mailing list subscribers in 2 days AND received my first contact through the website for a consulting gig. Thank you, Liane!”

In an ideal world…

You’d have an online presence that you’re proud of and are excited to showcase it to your ideal clients 

Your brand would accurately reflect your expertise and authority online

Your website and existing offers would be positioned in a way that makes it easy for an ideal client to buy from you because your user journey is seamless 

Your branding is 100% unique to you vs being a cookie cutter of other people in your industry 

You’d spend less time on tech, websites and marketing and more time on consulting with your dream clients

Check Out My Client Transformations​

If you want 2024 to be the year that you…

  • Work with BIG, dream clients that have been on your wishlist since you started
  • Massively increase your visibility
  • Get more brand awareness than you’ve ever had before
  • Are easily discovered online
  • Are proud of the online presence that you have as it accurately reflects your level of professionalism and expertise
  • Become the sought-after thought leader in your niche that you know you have the capability to be

Here from my Happy clients...

"Liane did an EXCELLENT JOB. I was so delighted and impressed with her skill and capability to translate my vision into a clean and strategically designed website. I highly recommend her to others in need of an expert that can truly take your website to the next level."
Barbara Burgess
"Liane is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to UI/UX Design, branding, and web development. I partnered with Liane to re-brand and develop a new website for my business and she went above and beyond. I could not be happier that I chose to work with Liane on something so close to my heart. If you have the opportunity to work with her, do it! She is intentional with everything she does, from the questions she asks to the way she presents information to you. I highly recommend her work."
Temilola Adedipe
Founder @ AWA
"I know very little about the building of websites but Liane was really good about helping me to make my vision become reality. Liane answered ALL of my many questions. She took my rough sketches and made them make sense. She made suggestions as to how I could make my site better. I would definitely hire Liane again."
Karen Curtis

Who am I?

Hey, I’m Liane, founder of Beautifuli Digital. Our mission is to help ambitious women stand out and show up confidently online with their businesses. 

I run an online magazine for entrepreneurial women called BAUCEMAG.com and in 2020 I started receiving lots of requests from my the readers to build their websites for their online businesses.  I ended up quitting my web development job at L’Oreal in 2021, and dedicated myself fully to focusing on transforming women’s online presence through professional branding and beautiful websites that allow them to show up online confidently and sell their services.

Talk Soon,


I’ll see you on the call.

I can’t wait to talk with you. 

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